Changelog simplified.

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Keep users engaged with product updates

We offer a simple no-code changelog tool helps you create engaging changelog and efficiently deliver product updates.


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Use your custom domain and branding to customize your page.

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Our pages are Server side rendered, making them fast and search engine friendly.


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We've an industry leading 99.9%+ uptime and our systems are highly scalable and redundant.

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Your page is available in plain text, JSON and markdown format letting you easily embed it anywhere.


You can create private changelog pages that are hidden from serach engines.

Frequently asked questions

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Do you offer free trial?
Yes, we offer a 14 days free trial.
Do I need to enter a credit card to create a page?
No, you don't need to enter a credit card to create a page.
Do you support custom domains?
Yes, we also provision SSL certificates for your custom domain.
How do I connect my page with other apps?
You can connect with other apps using our Zapier integration.
Do you support markdown?
Yes, we use a markdown editor for writing posts in your page.

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