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Rapidr: Rapidr provides a platform for businesses to share product updates and feature releases with their customers. It offers a customizable public changelog page, in-app widgets, and the ability to collect customer feedback.

Github: Github allows you to automatically generate release notes for your project. You can create a new release for your project, make sure you’ve merged all the pull requests you want to include for that release, and then follow the steps to create a new release.

Headway: Headway provides businesses with a changelog that logs all the changes happening to a product or service. It allows users to start out with the basic service, which includes many helpful features such as public page customization and Twitter integration.

Beamer: Beamer is a newsfeed that sits in your site and in your app where you can share updates for just about anything. Users can open up your Beamer feed on your site or app by clicking the “What’s New” tab in your navigation or the icon in your interface.

LaunchNotes: LaunchNotes is an all-in-one platform to capture, organize and manage feedback, prioritize and build product roadmap, and announce product updates. It provides a dedicated changelog page, in-app notification widgets, and the ability to send updates via email, Slack, Teams, RSS, and more.

Changelogfy: Changelogfy is a tool that allows you to create interactive changelogs for your product and software in minutes. It offers a dedicated newsfeed, in-app notification widgets, and the ability to send notifications directly into discord and slack channel.

Noticeable: Noticeable is a tool that combines a changelog with elements of a feedback board through a “Newspages” feature. It has a range of widgets, and a large amount of integrations (through Zapier zaps) with tools like Slack, Trello and Twitter.

AnnounceKit: AnnounceKit helps companies communicate product updates and news to their customers, increase feature adoption, and build customer trust. It offers a dedicated changelog page, in-app notification widgets, and the ability to send updates via email, Slack, Teams, RSS, and more.

Notion: Notion allows you to create a changelog website. You can sign up to Notaku, click “Create website” and choose changelog website, clone the blog Notion template and make the resulting page public, paste the Notion page URL in Notaku dashboard, and wait for sync to finish and customize the website.

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